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The wrong name is showing on my Caller ID

Are people you call telling you your phone calls show up as a business name you don't recognize? Here's why.

When you call a phone number that doesn't have you saved as a contact, usually your phone number (Caller ID) will be displayed for the recipient on the incoming call.

Sometimes, telecom service providers and smartphones try to identify who you are and will display your name (or information) on the called party's device. This functionality is often called CNAM short for caller name, also known as Caller Name Presentation (CNAP). 

Many third-party service providers (CNAM database providers) search for your information online and provide this data to other companies so that they can display it. Sometimes, the data they have is wrong, and as a result, when you make a call, someone else's information is displayed on the device of the party you are calling. 

Some of these third-party service providers have processes for you to associate your data with phone numbers you own. 

    1. (US Only) The Free Caller Registry is a collaboration between the three largest CNAM database providers.
      You can register your information here.
    1. (Global) Hiya is a database used by Samsung globally.
      You can register your information here.