Add, edit or import contacts

You can add a contact in multiple ways, while logged in on your computer, or on our mobile application.

Adding contacts

  1. Method 1, adding a contact after a call
    After you finish a call, you are presented with a screen where you can add or review your notes about the call. If the party you were on the call with isn't already saved as a contact you can add them as a contact by clicking the person icon at the top of the screen, shown in the screenshot below,
  2. Method 2, adding a contact from the contacts management tab
    To add a new contact from the contacts management tab, in the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen find Contacts, once you have navigated to Contacts, look for the button labelled New, then enter the contact information in the fields on the right hand side of your screen.
  3. Method 3, syncing your contacts from another software
    VXT integrates with a lot of other tools, many of those integrations have contact syncing as a feature. If you enable integration with contact syncing, we'll save all of your contacts from that software into VXT so when you receive calls or other messages from those contacts you'll recognise them. If you have an integration set up already, when you add a new contact in that system it will sync into VXT automatically (for most of our integrations we sync contacts once every ten minutes, so your new contact may not show up in VXT immediately). 
  4. Method 4, importing contacts from a spreadsheet
    To import your contacts, navigate to the Contacts tab. 

    Next to the New button at the top of the Contacts screen, select the Menu button.

    To import a contact, select the 'Import' button. From here you can either drag and drop a file or select the file within your system.



    If added successfully you will see a screen similar to the one below. Select 'Done' to continue.



    Deleting and editing contacts

    You can also edit or delete a contact using the contact manager as shown below.


    To delete a contact, select the contact you'd like to delete, click on the three dots and click 'Delete'.