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VXT is freezing! (Resource usage)

If you have struggled to answer calls, or perform other actions in VXT, because the app is unresponsive, this article will help figure out why and provide recommendations to resolve your issue.

⚠️ This article concerns the VXT desktop app on the Windows operating system. ⚠️

What's going wrong?

Whenever we are facing an issue we should try to determine the most likely underlying cause of the issue first, and then test possible solutions. 

In the case of VXT freezing, there are a few possible causes including:

  1. Resource constraints.
    Your device's CPU and/or Memory cannot handle the load required by the programs that are currently running on your device (most common cause) i.e. your computer has 4gb of Memory but your programs are asking it for 6gb. 
  2. VXT bug.
    There is a bug in VXT causing it to freeze. 

It is very quick and easy to test whether your computer is running up against resource constraints so let's start there. 

Checking your resource use

First, we are going to hit Control, Alt, and Delete simultaneously, which will take us to a menu. Once we have reached the menu, select Task Manager.

Once we've opened Task Manager we should see a list of all of the programs running on our device and next to each program, their respective resource use which will update every few seconds.

If you can see a list of programs, but not their resource use try clicking the More details arrow in the bottom left corner of the Task Manager. 


Now that we have opened Task Manager and can see our resource usage we want to look at the total utilization of our CPU and our Memory shown as a percentage (%) near the top of the screen.

To understand what we are seeing we can use a rule of thumb.

💡 If either CPU or Memory utilization is regularly above 80%, resource constraints are almost certainly the cause of your issue.

In the screenshot above we can that Memory utilization is at 91% and at the same time the computer were looking at was regularly unresponsive. 

If you have performed the above steps and your resource utilization doesn't look like the problem, contact whoever is responsible for IT at your company and they can investigate further or escalate to the team at VXT. 

How to solve resource utilization issues

To help manage resource utilization we need to consider the following,

  • Always close apps and background processes when they are not in use unless they are essential to your business.
  • Consider upgrading your device to include a more powerful CPU and or a greater amount of Memory that meets the minimum specifications mentioned later in this article. 👇

Computer recommendations

For someone in a professional role that involves using a lot of different applications on the computer at once such as an attorney, consultant, or accountant, a computer should reach the following minimum specifications:

  • Memory ⚠️
    Minimum 6Gb of RAM (Random-access memory)

  • CPU ⚠️ 
    A modern Intel i5 dual-core, Apple M1 processors, or equivalent, initially released no earlier than the last few years.

  • Operating system
    64-bit version of Windows 10 / Windows 11 or macOS 10.14+
  • Internet browser
    Google Chrome (the most recent version)