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Not receiving SMS (iMessage)

If you ported a mobile number to VXT that was previously connected to an iPhone text messages sent to your number from other iPhones may continue being sent via iMessage and will not appear in VXT.

If you recently started using a mobile number through VXT that was previously connected to an iPhone or other iOS device, you must turn off iMessage to make sure that messages sent to you by other iPhone (iOS) users arrive in VXT. Otherwise, they will continue to be delivered via iMessage or not at all. 


How to check if you are experiencing this issue
Try sending your mobile number a text message using an iPhone (iOS) device.  

If you see "iMessage" at the top and your text has a blue background instead of a green one you can be confident that you are facing the issue described in this article

Turn off iMessage using these screenshots as a guide
Go to the Settings app on your phone

Find Messages settings

Switch iMessage off