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My calls are showing up as spam

Why are your calls showing up as spam and what can you do about it? Read this article to find out.

Phone service providers such as T Mobile, Vodafone, O2 etc, may label your phone number as being associated with spam. 

Service providers do not publicize the rules they use to decide whether or not to make this decision. 

Certainly, this is similar to how email providers like Gmail and Outlook manage spam emails so we can make some educated guesses. 

Providers may identify your phone number(s) as being associated with spam based on certain call analytics, such as but not limited to, short average call durations, low connection rates on outbound calls, inconsistent calling patterns (very few calls one week, very many calls the next) etc.

  • Consumers are able to complain to their carrier and flag any number they deem is suspicious. When people you are calling report you, it is more likely that your number will be identified as spam in the future.

So what can you do? 

  1. Some carriers, and spam detection services, put processes in place for businesses to register their information and phone numbers. Completing these processes may make it less likely that your numbers are identified as spam. 
    1. (US Only) The Free Caller Registry is a third-party service that is used widely by US wireless providers to prevent spam.
      You can register your information here.
    1. (Global) Hiya is a database used by Samsung globally to present caller ID.
      You can register your information here. 
    1. I would also recommend seeing if providers for phone numbers in your region have alternative processes that you can follow.
  1. Make sure that your are exhibiting good behaviour when making phone calls.
    1. Increase your connection rates by calling fewer people, whom you know are likely to answer your calls, and try to lower the variability in your calling behavior i.e. instead of 20 calls today and 100 calls tomorrow (120 in total), make 60 calls each day. 
  2. Get new phone numbers that have not been identified as being associated with spam and then follow the best practices mentioned above.
    1. We suspect that it is easier to avoid being identified as spam in the first place, than it is to get off the list after the fact.