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Add and manage phone numbers

This article will teach you how to add, reassign and manage all of your team's phone numbers.



To manage phone numbers for your team you need the permission Manage phone numbers. Follow this tutorial to manage your team members' permissions. 

To manage your phone numbers, first navigate to the Admin tab in the bottom-left-hand corner of your screen, and from the Admin tab, click on Phone numbers. 

How to add a phone number

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on the Add phone button.

You can choose to purchase a new phone number from VXT or bring existing phone numbers from another provider (porting).

If you are purchasing a new phone number from VXT, you can select the country, area and style of phone number, Geographic (fixed), Mobile, or Toll-free.

Direct, shared and unassigned phone numbers

In VXT, phone numbers are either Assigned or Unassigned. Assigned numbers include Direct and Shared phone numbers.  


When a user is assigned to a phone number they can manage the messages, call history, and settings for that number. 


A direct number can only have one assignee and by default when called will ring the user that is assigned to it. 


A shared number can have any number of assignees who share access to it's messages, call history, and settings. It is typically useful to make reception numbers shared if multiple staff members are responsible for answering calls to the reception phone numbers. 


An Unassigned number, is one that is not currently being used by anyone and is held in reserve. Unassigned numbers can either reject incoming calls or divert to other phone numbers (configured in Team settings on the Admin tab). Unassigned numbers are charged at the same rate as assigned numbers so if you have unassigned numbers you do not intend to use, you can reduce your monthly bill by deleting them. 


You do not have to be assigned to a particular phone number in order to answer calls that are placed to that number. Assignment is about management of the phone. What happens to incoming calls is decided by call flows.

How to change the settings on a colleague's phone number

To manage the settings on a colleague's phone number, navigate to Phone numbers and click on the phone number.

Alternatively, you can click on the members' tab, find the teammate you're looking for, and click on them to open their profile. From your colleagues profile, navigate to phones, select the phone you want to manage and change the settings as desired.