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Invite new members and manage your team

Add new members, manage permissions, organise your team into groups, and manage team settings.


Once you have invited a new user, share this training playlist with them so they can easily set up their account. Click here for the playlist.

To manage your team members, click on Admin in the bottom-left-hand corner of your screen then navigate to the Members page. 

Managing members and their permissions

On the Members page, you can manage a user's profile by clicking on them. On their profile, you can manage the user's permissions, see what phones they are assigned to, and review the groups they are organized in. 

Inviting new team members

Click the Invite People button in the top-right-hand corner.

Invitations can be managed just like Members. You can assign invitations to phone numbers in advance of the invitations being accepted, that way you don't have to remember to return and assign their phone after they have created their account. 

Organizing your team into Groups

You can organize your team into Groups, that can be used in other areas of the app like building call flows that ring a specific group, or reviewing analytics by group.  

Click on the Groups section of the Members page. 

Team settings

Team settings allow you to enforce policy across your entire account so that compliance is easy to manage. 

For example, if the policy at your company is to only record incoming calls, and never outgoing ones, you can enforce those rules on the Teams settings page.