Use Webhooks to connect VXT with other software

You can use Webhooks in VXT to send data from activity in your account, individual users or the whole team, to other systems.

So you want to use VXT webhooks to create something new.

Great! You can create webhooks that send data associated with messages, such as call logs and voicemail, in VXT to a URL you specify. 
You can configure each webhook you create to send data for specifically selected users and/or phones.
Make sure to familiarise yourself with these technical details.

To create your first VXT webhook and start testing follow these instructions:

1. Log into your VXT account, and in the bottom left hand corner of your screen click "Admin"

2. Click "Team settings"

3. On the Team settings page, scroll to the bottom and click "CONFIGURE WEBHOOKS"

4. Click "ADD NEW"

5. Configure your webhook

6. Click "Save" and start testing your new webhook!