Block a phone number

You can block phone numbers from calling your team and manage your list of blocked numbers easily.


Blocking a phone number in VXT will prevent calls from the blocked number reaching any phone number on your team.

Occasionally it can be useful to block callers from reaching your team. 

In VXT you can block a phone number from calling your team by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Inbox screen, 
  2. Select the conversation with the phone number you would like to block, 
  3. Select their phone number, or contact name at the top of the conversation,
    1. If they are not saved as a contact, select the Block button
    2. If they are a contact, click the menu on the phone number you would like to block, click Block phone number
  4. Optionally, enter some notes to explain why you are blocking this number
  5. Click Block