Combine dictation, automated transcription, and a modern user-interface, and you get Vxt Notes! Vxt Notes leverages communications data to automate administrative work.

Gone are the days of spending hours a week processing dictations. With Vxt Notes, you can record voice memos within the app, or you can upload an audio file. AI will then transcribe this and create a draft transcription within seconds.

Record or upload a dictation

You can record a dictation in the app, or upload one with a click.

Automatic Transcriptions

You can generate an automatic transcription of your dictation which can be easily edited.

Mark Your Note as Completed

You can set your notes as pending, in-progress, or as completed. The colours can help indicate to yourself and others whether a transcription is ready to be downloaded and used.

Document Management System

With the in-app document management system, voice memo files can be organised into folders and shared with colleagues with one click. You can easily move notes between folders after they’re made, and edit sharing settings.

Download Transcriptions and Voice Recordings

Users with access to the files and folders can export transcriptions which can then be finalised in a third-party word processing app.

Give it a try!

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