Vxt Call is an enterprise communications platform that allows teams to get more from their phone call for less. It is flexible, simple and has powerful features to make work easier for your business.

Vxt Call's simple UI, handy integrations, and fantastic customer support makes it ideal for ambitious businesses all over the world. It is also particularly popular amongst law firms and recruitment agencies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand due to its purpose built features and integrations.

Law Firms

Vxt helps lawyers capture billable hours, manage compliance and automate your work flow.

Recruitment Agencies

Vxt helps recruiters all over the world keep their workflows in order. Connect to your CRM and make maintaining relationships easier than ever.

Check out this video for a quick run-through of all the features in Vxt Call.

Our team of engineers, designers, and customer support staff are always working on adding new features to Vxt Call. Check out the video below to learn more about the features of Vxt Call, or contact our team for a more up-to-date run down of the newer features.

Feel free to contact our team if you would like to get a demo or free trial with Vxt Call.

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