In Vxt Call you are able to record calls to save for later. This can be a useful feature in many circumstances, such as if you are a journalist and you want to record an interview, or if you are saving something for legal purposes. You might also want to record various ideas that you have discussed on a planning call.

This guide will show you how to record calls using Vxt Call.


Check the Legalities of Recording Calls

Before you record calls in Vxt, you will need to check your local laws. In many countries and states, it is illegal to record a phone call without the express or implied consent of all parties involved. There are some exceptions such as if the private conversation is recorded in the public interest or is recorded to protect the lawful interests of one party. In most circumstances though it is best to err on the side of caution and make sure you have permission to record before doing so.

Step 1: Make a call within Vxt Call

To record a call, you will need to be in a call using Vxt. Follow our guide here to learn about the number of ways you can make a call using Vxt. Alternatively, read more here to learn about answering calls within Vxt.

You can record a call in Vxt either by placing a call, or picking up a call through Vxt.

Step 2: Press the Record Button

Once you are in a call and have the permission of the caller (where necessary), you can select the record button to begin recording the audio from the call. Once you click record, the button will change and the audio from your microphone and the receiver's microphone will be recorded.


You can pause your recording at any time during the call, and the recording will also automatically stop once the call is ended. As shown below, the record button turns to a square image to signify that the audio is being recorded and will return to a circle once stopped.


Step 3: Access your Recordings

Once you have finished the call, you will be able to access past recordings in your Vxt Call Inbox. Access to this inbox is shown in the screenshot below.


The inbox is set-up in a similar format to your Vxt Voicemail messages. Simply click on the call you wish to access recordings to. From there all you need to do is select the play button to listen back to your recording.


If you have correctly followed all instructions correctly and are running into issues with playing audio or recording calls, then please send us a message at

Otherwise, continue reading our guides to learn more about Vxt Call, such as how to transcribe calls, add a contact, queue calls and configure the settings within Vxt Call.

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