In this guide we are going to run you through the various settings and adjustments you can make in Vxt Call.

Follow the video tutorial to configure the phone settings in your Vxt Call account, or if you would prefer to read step-by-step instructions then skip to the written guide below.

How to manage settings for your Vxt Call phone

You can access the settings on the desktop app or the website. This tutorial will be shown using the web app.

From there, select the your Vxt phone on the left-hand side and then select 'Phone settings'.

Once inside the settings, you will be able to change and toggle a range of features, including choosing your ringtone, turning on voicemail to email forwarding, and call routing features.

You can change the name of your Vxt Phone Number by selecting 'About phone' then clicking the 'Rename' button. This will allow you to edit the phone's name within Vxt Call.

You can choose whether you set all calls to record by default, as opposed to toggling that recording on and off during the call.


You can also choose whether the calls are automatically transcribed, turning the audio into written text as soon as the call is complete. Note that the call has to be recorded in order to be transcribed. The setting will still apply even if call recording by default is turned off.


You can also toggle a range of features for your Vxt Voicemail Inbox within this settings menu as well.


Finally, you are able to remove the phone number from your Vxt Call service by selecting 'Delete phone'.

If you have any questions regarding these settings or have any issues, don't hesitate to send us a message at

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