You and your team members can share access to a single Vxt phone. This is useful if you have set up Vxt Call for a recruitment campaign for instance, and each teammate needs access to applicants' interview responses.

There are two ways you can share phones with Vxt Call. You can share the Vxt phone with your whole organisation, or you can set up custom sharing. Custom sharing is where you share your Vxt phone number with individual team members and can manage access roles.


Option 1: Share phone with whole organisation

First, click on your phone on the left hand bar, then select 'Phone Settings'.

To enable the phone sharing feature, simply tap the button next to "Share phone with whole organisation".

In this example, the entire Vxt organisation will gain access to this Vxt Call Number.


Once you have tapped the button, you will be asked to verify whether you wish to share your Vxt phone with all members of your organisation. Select 'Confirm' to continue.


After confirming this choice, all members of your organisation will have access to your Vxt phone. This will be shown with the slider moving across to the right and the button itself turning red.


If at any stage you wish to stop sharing the phone with the whole organisation, simply move the slider back the other way. You will again be asked to verify this decision. Hit 'Confirm' to stop the sharing phone function.


Option 2: Custom Sharing

Custom sharing allows you to share your Vxt phone with individual team members within your organisation. To begin this process, click on your phone on the left hand bar, then select 'Phone Settings'.

Next, select the 'Add' button to choose which teammates you would like to share this inbox with.


From here, you can filter through teammates using the search function at the top of the menu. You can also scroll through options and select which team members to add by ticking the box next to their contact.

In this menu you can also choose whether you want to add them as Viewers or Editors.


Once you have selected which team members you want to add, you will then be asked to confirm this selection. Select "Continue" to verify this choice.


Teammates added to your Vxt phone inbox will appear as shown below. The menu will show the date they were added, as well as their role.


You can change the role of teammates to either Viewer or Editor by using the dropdown menu in the role column.


You will again be asked to confirm this choice.


If a role is changed, it will be reflected in the Custom Sharing menu. In this case, Jesse's role has been changed from Viewer to Editor and is shown in the 'Role' column here.


To remove individual teammates from accessing your Vxt phone inbox, simply select the cross next to their name.


Selecting this will lead you to a pop-up menu that asks you confirm this choice. Select 'Revoke' to remove the selected team member's access to your phone.


You should now be able to successfully add and remove teammates from accessing and editing your Vxt phone inbox. You can also share the phone with your entire organisation, which is particularly useful if it is a number that is regularly shared.

If you run into any issues with sharing phones in Vxt Call, then please send us a message at

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