In this guide we are going to run you through the process of adding, editing and removing contacts within Vxt call.

Follow the guide below to learn how to manage your contacts within your Vxt Call account.

How to Add contacts in Vxt Call

To add a contact, you first need to access the settings on your phone or the website. This tutorial will be shown using the web app.

Once you are in your Vxt inbox, you can access your contacts via the settings tab on the left-hand side.


Once inside the settings, you will need to switch from 'My Settings' to 'Organisation Settings' to access your contacts. Simply click on 'Organisation Settings to continue'.


Once inside the organisation settings you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to view your contacts.


From here, you are able to view, edit, delete, and add contacts. First we are going to add a contact. To do this simply click 'Add Contacts'.


You will then be taken to a pop-up contact menu, where you can either add contacts manually or import them using a CSV file. To add a contact manually, type in the name of the contact and phone number, ensuring you include the country code in the contact number. Once you have typed in the number and name of the contact (you can add multiple contacts in one session) select the 'Add contact' button in the bottom right corner of the menu.


To import a contact, select the 'Import Contacts' button. From here you can either drag and drop a file or select the file within your system.


If added successfully you will see a screen similar to the one below. Select 'Done' to continue.


Edit or Remove a Contact

You can also edit or remove a contact using the contact table as shown below.


To edit a contact, select the pencil icon.


You can then re-type the name or re-enter the contact number. To confirm this edit, select 'Edit Contact'.


To remove a contact, all you need to do is select the cross icon.


Selecting this alongside the corresponding contact will remove them from your contacts list. You will be asked to confirm this choice in a pop-up menu.


If you have any questions regarding adding or removing a contact, or have any issues along the way, then do not hesitate to send us a message at

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