If you want to set up all of your staff with a Vxt account, setting up a business account means they don’t have to purchase a subscription individually, nor do you have to reimburse them for this.

We have put together a quick and simple guide to help you create an Organisation Account for your team.

Step 1. Log in to Vxt Web

Simply head over to app.vxt.co.nz. If you have not signed up on our mobile or web apps before it's easy to get started! Download the app or sign up on our website.

Step 2. Navigate to settings and click invite people

Once you have logged in to Vxt, you will arrive on the inbox screen. From there you will need to navigate to settings on the left hand side.


Once you are in your settings you will need to switch to 'Organisation Settings' and then click 'Invite People'.


Step 3. Type in your organisation name and email address

Vxt Web will ask you to name your organisation. An organisation allows multiple Vxt users to access Vxt Pro under a single scaling paid license. Input your organisation's name and email address in the fields provided and then click create.

Step 4. Invite colleagues to join

After Step 3, you will have the option to invite others to join. All you have to do is simply type in their email address and select 'invite'.

This pop-up allows you to invite colleagues to set up Vxt and join your organisation account. From there you can also choose whether they are a member or an admin under the 'role' section.

Invites will appear in your invitees' email inboxes, and from there they will simply need to click the link inside the message, which looks like this:

You can manage your organisation account settings, add a payment method, determine how many members you would like to add, and whether you would like to upgrade your plan.

We have got heaps of other useful features and general improvements to the mobile and web app on the way. Stay tuned for more and as always if you'd like to help us build the best service for you, flick us your feedback via info@vxt.co.nz or join our community on Facebook.

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