In this guide, we are going to run you through how to make calls with Vxt and show you just how easy it is.

Follow the video tutorial to make calls using your Vxt Call account, or if you prefer to read step-by-step instructions then skip to the written guide beneath the video.

Step 1: Navigate to Call

To get started, navigate to the Vxt web app. If you have successfully set up a Vxt Call number then navigate to the call option within your inbox (shown in the drop down menu below). If you have already got a phone set up with Vxt Call then that option is on the bottom of the app (and on the left hand side for desktop app users).


Step 2: Use Contacts, Recents or the Keypad

From the Vxt Call option you can then search for the number you are wishing to call in your recent calls or contacts. You can navigate around the Contacts page and Recents call history in much the same way as you would use your phone app on your smartphone. You can also type the number you are wishing to call with the keypad.


Step 3: Select the Call Button

Once you have found the contact or dialled the number you are looking for simply follow the on-screen prompts to make a call. This is as simple as pressing the green phone button to make your call.


Once you have dialled the number you will be placed on an active call as shown in the image below.


From here, when you are on a call with Vxt you can add people to the call, making it a conference call. They can be contacts, team members or anyone else you would like to contact. You can also transfer calls, open up the keypad, mute your microphone, record the call or place the call on hold. To find out more about these features, read the other guides available in our help centre.

Once you have finished a call, you will be prompted to take some top level notes about the call or reminding you of follow-up tasks. These can then be saved against the contact in the inbox. After reading this guide you should now be able to successfully make calls within Vxt Call.

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