Once you have downloaded the Vxt app, setting up your voicemail with Vxt takes less than a minute. For instructions on how to set yourself up, you can watch the video tutorial below, or read the step-by-step instructions below the video.

Step 1: Create an Account

First, open the Vxt app and select 'Create account'.

Then choose to create your account with your phone number (as shown below), email address, Google account, or Apple account.

Step 2: Enter Your Number and Select Your Mobile Provider

After creating an account, select your country of residence and enter your mobile phone number.


Once you have entered your phone number and selected your country, tap 'Done' to confirm your selections and proceed to the next screen.

Step 3: Verify Your Phone Number

Now you will be asked to verify your phone number.


A verification code should be sent to the mobile phone number you entered in the previous step. If you did not receive a verification code, check that you entered the right number in the previous step, by clicking 'Back'.

This verification step helps keep data safe for Vxt users. The privacy and security of our users' data is our number one priority. You can learn more about how we manage your personal data by checking out our privacy policy.

Step 4: Add Your First Phone to Vxt

Now you will be asked if you would like to receive your voicemail through Vxt. For Vxt Voicemail to work, select 'Add this phone number'. This will allow Vxt Voicemail to transcribe your incoming voicemail messages.


Step 5: Select your Phone Type and Mobile Carrier

To help Vxt get your voicemail messages sent to you correctly, you need to provide Vxt with your mobile service provider. This is because different mobile carriers have varying rules on who can use conditional call forwarding. Conditional call forwarding is what enables your voicemail to be sent to Vxt.


The example above uses Australian carriers, however the carrier options on your device will based on the country you are in.

These steps ensure that your missed calls will be forwarded to our answering service instead of your phone carrier's answering machine.

Step 6: Turn on Conditional Call Forwarding

Turning on conditional call forwarding is the basis for how Vxt Voicemail works. All you have to do is select 'Forward voicemail from this phone'. Once you select this option your voicemail will be sent to Vxt instead of your service provider.


Please note, with most mobile service providers, call forwarding uses your calling minutes or credit. Vxt Voicemail does not change your service provider but it simply redirects where your voicemails go to. This means if you don't have any minutes or any credit with your service provider then you will not be able to receive voicemail.

To learn more about conditional call forwarding, visit our video explainer here.

Select "Ok" to confirm.


If this is successful, the message on this call will read 'Setting Activation Succeeded' as shown in the image below. Select 'Dismiss' to complete the set up process and start using Vxt Voicemail.


Step 7: Test Everything Is Working

If you have followed all the steps above correctly, then you should start receiving transcribed voicemails and the accompanying audio files in your Vxt Voicemail inbox. However, it's always a good idea to test everything is working as it should.

Try dialling your number from another phone and letting it ring out to a missed call. Leave a short voicemail message as a test and wait to see if this message arrives in your inbox. If Vxt is working correctly, you should receive a notification letting you know you have received a new message.

If this is the case, when you open your Vxt inbox you should find a transcription of the test message and an audio file which you can play at anytime. It should look similar to the image and example message below.


However, if this is not the case, then it is possible that one of the previous steps were not completed correctly. Try the set up process again, making sure you not only input the correct phone number, but also that you choose to add your phone number to Vxt in Step 3, and select the correct phone type and carrier in Step 4.

If all of this has been input correctly and you are still having issues, then there is a chance that your conditional call forwarding has not been successful. If you have correctly followed all instructions above and are still running into issues then please send us a message at info@vxt.co.nz.

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