Vxt features smart voicemail features that convert your voicemails into text. As a visual voicemail assistant, Vxt helps you stay on top of your voice messages and the many time-consuming tasks associated with voicemail.

With email forwarding, smart voicemail greetings and advanced security, you and your business can avoid frustration, save time, and love voicemail.

Using Vxt

Vxt Voicemail comes with a range of useful features that helps take the hassle out of managing your voicemail.

Smart Voicemail Greetings


Smart voicemail greetings turn missed calls into opportunities. With smart greetings, your greetings automatically change depending on who's calling, your business hours, and more.

With contact-based greetings, you can impress your contacts with greetings personalised to them. You can save one for your Mum, your partner, a top client, or anyone else. It allows you to create a closer relationship with key people in your business and personal lives.

With temporary greetings, you can set a greeting that plays for set period of time, before your greeting automatically swaps back to your normal one. They are super helpful for flights, meetings, vacations and other short events.

You can also automatically swap between business and after-hours greetings based on the time of day.

Use Vxt Anywhere

Vxt is available on all of your devices with our platform of mobile and web apps.


Vxt Makes Other Software Better With Our Integrations Marketplace


Vxt connects with all of your favourite tools so that you can manage your messages where you work. To automate tasks and enhance your workflows, you can connect Vxt to Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, and more.

Read Your Voicemail

All of your voicemail messages are converted to text in our intelligent inbox. You can read your voicemail or listen to it again, simply by pressing lpay.

Automatic Email Forwarding

Forward all of your voicemail messages to your email with the touch of a button. Or forward your messages to a coworker to help you sift through important business messages.

Vxt Notes

Record short spoken notes which are immediately transcribed to text and easily shareable.

Landline & Multiple Phone Support

With a Vxt Personal Inbox Number, you can forward messages from your landline, second smartphone, and more to your Vxt account. Get all of your messages in one easily organised inbox.

Dark Mode

Our dark theme makes it easier on your eyes when viewing the app at night time. You can also set the app to dark theme 24/7 if you prefer, depending on your device's preferences or your manual selection.

Urgent Message Alerts

We use artificial intelligence to identify which messages are the most important to help you get through critical messages.

Inbox Sharing

Share an inbox with workmates.

Multiple Inboxes

Set up multiple phone numbers, and switch between them easily.

New Set Up

Our new setup process includes the ability to sign in with email & password, Apple, and Google.


Trusted by thousands, Vxt powers business all around the world. Explore which option is right for you.

To find out how we can help your enterprise save time and money contact our expert team.

Create your account

Respond faster, take control, and grow your business with Vxt. To use Vxt, you will first need to create a personal or business account.

When you are ready to get started and set up your Vxt account, navigate to the 'Setting Up Vxt Voicemail' article to follow easy steps and get smart voicemail in less than a minute.

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