You can use multiple phone numbers with your Vxt account This means you can use Vxt Voicemail with for like your personal mobile number, work DDI, business toll-free number.

To set up your second number with Vxt Voicemail, log in on our website or on our desktop app, which you can download here. Then watch the video below, or if follow along with our guide below the video.

Adding a Second Mobile Phone

1. Select 'Add a phone' from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.


2. Once you have chosen to add a phone number, you then need to select Vxt Voicemail.


3. From there, add a phone number. Make sure you select your country code correctly, as seen on the left-hand side of the image below.


4. Vxt will need some other details about your phone plan to set up a new number onto our voicemail services. Select your carrier from the drop down menu. Then choose your verification method most suitable to the phone you are trying to connect.


5. With Vxt Voicemail, it costs $5 a month to add an additional phone. Input your payment method as shown in the image below to complete the purchase and start using your second phone number with Vxt.


Once you have followed these steps, you will then be prompted to set up call forwarding with that phone. This will look something like the image below.


Follow the prompts to set up call forwarding. We have outlined some of the most common ways for setting up call forwarding to a second phone below.

Call forwarding with a second mobile

To forward your voicemail from another device, there are two options.

1. Either set up forwarding from your second device to your primary device by calling the following number:

*004*Your cellphone number here#

or set up forwarding from your second device directly to Vxt Voicemail's phone number by calling this number:

*004*Vxt Voicemail's number#

In either case, be sure to include the * and #.

2. Make sure to test that everything has worked properly once you have completed the setup and if you aren't sure what to do or you've run into a problem give us an email at

You might notice that this is similar to when you set up Vxt for the first time and we asked you to call a number like this. In this case, you do not need to call it now.


+6439308026 is one of Vxt Voicemail's phone numbers for our New Zealand users. This phone number is unique to every country, and in some cases there are multiple per country.

The rest of the number (*004* and #) are globally recognised call forwarding codes that tell your mobile service provider to activate forward your calls to the number in the middle. If you want to learn more about conditional call forwarding, check out our video.

Vxt Voicemail & your DDI or toll-free number

To forward calls from a landline (DDI) to Vxt it is just as easy. If your landline is already forwarding to your mobile phone, then everything is ready to go assuming you have followed steps 1 and 2 just above.

If your non-mobile number is not forwarding to your mobile device, as with setting up multiple cell phones, you can either forward calls from your landline to your mobile number or straight to Vxt Voicemails number.

This process will vary depending on your phone service provider (for the non-mobile number). You will generally be able to set up conditional call forwarding for non-mobile numbers in one of the following ways:

  1. Call your service provider and ask them to do it for you

  2. Change your call forwarding settings through an online portal

Final Steps

Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be asked to give an optional name to the new phone to make it easier to identify while using vxt.


If all is successful, it should look something like the image below.


If you are keen to get a second number set up with Vxt Voicemail but aren't sure what your next step should be, please contact us at, we're always happy to help.

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