Vxt Web and Vxt Desktop are available on any internet-enabled device. In the Web or Desktop app, you can access everything you are used to using on the mobile app, but you can have it on your laptop or even your smart TV.


With our new software, we have way more control over the way we help you manage your account because we're not restricted by Google & Apple in-app payments.

That means if you'd like to set your whole team up with Vxt, it's easy. Just login at app.vxt.co.nz navigate to the Settings tab and hit Invite People next to the Sign out button.

The benefits of creating an Organisation with Vxt is that can pay for a subscription with a single card instead of having to reimburse your staff.

Vxt Web also makes it easier to manage integrations between Vxt and other products like Slack, Zapier and Integromat. Hubspot, Salesforce and Pipedrive also integrate with Vxt.

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