Contact-based greetings allow you to play custom greetings for different contacts. You can save one for Mum, your partner, a top client, or anyone else you have in mind. With contact-based greetings, you can impress your contacts with greetings specific to them. It allows you to create a closer relationship with key people in your business and personal lives.

To set up a Contact-Based Greeting, enter the ‘greeting’ settings tab inside Vxt. You can select this down the bottom left of your screen, as shown in the image below.

From here you will be able to record specific contact-based greetings. This is shown under the 'Default greeting tab' near the top of the screen. You can easily change and delete greetings from this section, as well as adding multiple greetings.

To record a new greeting, simply press the '+' icon next to Contact-based greeting. In the same way as a Default Greeting, you will then need to give your greeting a name. In this case I have named it 'Mum'. Tap 'Continue' to then record your contact-based greeting.


From here, you will need to do record the unique contact-based-greeting you want to use. As a tip, this usually has a more personal touch than other greetings and is more specific to the person you are applying this greeting to. Press the 'Record' button to tape your greeting and tap the 'Play' button to listen back to it.


If you would like, you can re-do the message by pressing the 'record' button again. This will tape over your previous recording.

When you have finished your recording and are happy with it, select 'Save' in the top-right corner. You then need to select the contact you wish to apply this greeting to. Tap on the contact and click 'Save'.


You should now have a contact-based greeting set up for this contact. This greeting will play whenever this specific contact calls you and will look like the image below if set up correctly.


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