Temporary Greetings allow you to easily set a voicemail to play for missed calls in the next few hours, and have it automatically switch back to your normal default greeting when the timer runs out. You could use this feature if you are on a plane, at an event, or in a meeting and will be gone from the phone for just a few hours.

Our video below provides a brief overview and explains how to set up this greeting in Vxt Web. However, if you would like to learn how to set up this greeting on the mobile app then continue reading the guide below.

Record Your Temporary Greeting

If you do not already have a greeting in-mind for your temporary greeting, you will first need to record one. (If you have a greeting you have already recorded and want to use it as your temporary then skip to the section below.)

To set up your temporary greeting, enter the ‘greeting’ settings tab inside Vxt. You can select this down the bottom left of your screen, as shown in the image below.

To record a new temporary greeting, simply press the '+' icon next to Default greeting. You will then need to give your greeting a name. In this case I have named it 'Temporary'.


From here, simply record the greeting you want to use. A brief message that explains you are busy and an expectation for when you will be able to respond usually works best. Press the 'Record' button to tape your greeting and tap the 'Play' button to listen back.


If you are unhappy with your recording, you can simply re-do the message by pressing the 'record' button again. This will tape over your previous recording.

Once you are happy with your temporary greeting, select 'Save' to confirm the recording.

Set Your Pre-Recorded Temporary Greeting

You can now set this pre-recorded greeting to be used specifically for your temporary greeting by simply tapping the ellipses '...' next to the recording you have just made. If you have another you wish to use, you can select it using the same method. You will have several options as shown below.


Select 'Set as temporary greeting' to continue.

You will then be given the option to adjust how long the temporary greeting will be used as your default greeting.

Vxt provides several quick options, which you can select simply by tapping the button. You can use this function to select the timer for '15 mins', '30 mins', '1 hour', or '2 hours'.


Otherwise you can set more specific and/or larger time for your temporary greeting (if you are on holiday for example).

Use the vertical sliders to make specific adjustments to the days, hours and minutes you would like to set this greeting for.


You can set this for a maximum of 90 days, so temporary greetings are also useful for breaks or time away, but are also useful for short periods where you will be away from your phone or conferences that run for several days or a week.

Once you are happy with the temporary time you have set, select 'Start timer' to confirm this.

Your chosen temporary greeting will then be selected as your default for the given time you chose.


The greeting your voicemail will switch back to will be shown in dotted lines with a subtitle letting you know when this greeting will become the default again, as shown in the image above.

You can also change the timer by selecting the ellipses '...' and then choosing 'change timer'.


If you would like to stop using this temporary greeting, select 'Finish timer'. This will switch your greeting back to default.


You have now successfully set a temporary greeting that will switch back to your default automatically once the timer goes off.

To read more about smart greetings or our other options including after-hours greetings, default greetings or contact-based greetings, read our previous articles in this section.

Otherwise, if you have any questions, feedback or are just keen to say hi, please get in touch at info@vxt.co.nz.

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