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Can't hear anything at the start of a call (Sleep mode)

If you're using wireless headphones like AirPods or Jabra Evolve 75, they might go into sleep mode while you aren't using them.

Most wireless headphones have some sort of sleep mode that they use to conserve battery life when they aren't being used. 

Sleep mode is great for conserving battery, but it can cause issues if you use your wireless headphones with VoIP software like VXT. If your headphones are in sleep mode when you answer an incoming call, you may not hear anything for a few moments while your headphones come out of sleep mode. 

Thankfully, for most wireless headphones that are commonly used for business purposes, there are settings we can change to prevent this issue. 

For Jabra devices we can use the software Jabra provide to manage their device settings called Jabra Direct. Follow these instructions:

  1. Install Jabra Direct. To edit the sleep mode settings on your Jabra device, install the Jabra Direct application on your computer,
  2. Open the settings. With your headset connected, click on the headset that you would like to edit,
    1. Click on the device
    2. Click on Settings
  3. Edit the sleep mode settings. Depending on your device, the specific settings that are available may be different. Scroll through the device's settings and find the settings relating to sleep mode. Find any settings relating to sleep mode and edit them as required. There may be a setting that allows you to select when the device enters sleep mode, you should select as infrequently as possible. If never is an option, select it. Otherwise, select the longest period possible (this may be 8 hours).